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Rogue E-Commerce Services

There is nothing more satisfying than a successful e-commerce website. Making sales automatically without the need of a store front.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are very different from other websites. This is because the sale is completed on the website without the need for the customer to call or visit your store. It is important that you have all the tools to save you countless hours as your sales grow.

Integrated Shopping Cart

In order for a website to be E-Commerce it must have a functional shopping cart that allows the customer to purchase the product or service. We use WooCommerce and WordPress to accomplish this. These tools provide many features so that we are able to customize the website to your specific needs.

Payment Processing

An E-Commerce website must securely process the credit card payment from the customer. Often times this is done through a service such as Square or Stripe. We will happily integrate the payment processor of your choosing. We have never come across a processor that we were unable to integrate into an E-Commerce website.

Automatic Emails

Automatic emails are important. When a customer places an order both your company and the customer will receive a customized email to notify everyone of a successful purchase. When you ship the product the customer receives another email letting them know as well. Contact forms submissions are another example of an automatic email so you can reply to the customer.

Shipping Integrations

There are several options for shipping your product once the sale is completed. We are happy to recommend some easy solutions that will seamlessly bring in the order information once the sale is made. These tools integrate with your shipping options such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS to name a few. With just a few clicks you will be printing the label, and packing the order for shipment.

Inventory Management

Many POS(Point of Sale) systems offer integration with your E-Commerce website. There are also stand alone options for inventory management that integrate with the website. This makes it so there is no need for you to update inventory after each sale, as the website will do this for you automatically.

Data with Google Analytics

Many websites are not connected properly to Google Analytics. For an E-Commerce website this is even more important. We ensure that sales information is sent to Analytics so that sales can be properly tracked and optimized. This requires custom code within your website, but no worries, we have the skills needed.

Email Marketing

In the online world today, everyone is connected to the internet. One of the best places to reach new customers is going directly to their email inbox. Building and marketing to your email contacts can greatly increase your business exposure. Email advertising has the best return on investment of all our available marketing techniques.

Let us worry about the finding the customers and watch your sales sky rocket with new advertisements reaching new customers quickly and cost efficiently.

How Email Marketing Works

Email Marketing takes advantage of your existing customers or contact list. After building this list it can be used to promote new products or services through an “Email Marketing Campaign”. Some campaigns are better suited to promote a free webinar as a lead in to gaining a customer or sales. Others work well as newsletters to keep your customers up to date on what you are up to, therefore keeping them engaged, and leading to greater sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Ads(Previously Google AdWords) is the leading online advertising platform. Ads are more than just pay-per-click advertising. It ensures your online ads reach the right customers & tracks their movement on your website. This helps our marketing team continually improve your website, to ensure your customers have the most user friendly experience possible, and optimizing conversion(sales or phone calls).

E-Commerce SEO

Product SEO

For an E-Commerce website your products are the core of SEO. Ensuring that the products are tagged properly with descriptions, features, price, and availability allows Google to show this information on the search page. It is very common for products to move up and down on the search results of Google as they become in stock or out of stock, which can greatly help you if you are able to manage your inventory better than your competitors.

Blog Posting

Blog posting is a great way to provide helpful content for potential customers. This can be many different things, but the important part is that it needs to be helpful information for your customers. Some examples of blogs are Recipes, FAQ, How To’s, Educational Articles, News, Product Reviews, ect.

Analytics and Search Console

In order to properly optimize SEO your website must be connected with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Analytics keeps track of all the data relating to what the customer does once they are on the website. Search Console keeps track of what the customer is typing into Google before they ever get to your website. Using these tools intelligently helps to increase traffic to the website, as well as sales once the customer is there.

Link Building

Our team of outreach professionals can help your Domain Authority through link building. This is essentially your websites reputation or popularity online. Google and other search engines use this information to understand how popular, or relevant your website is to the things that customers are searching for. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors for E-Commerce SEO.

Data Tracking

We ensure that your E-Commerce website is tracking your customers movements, and sales. This is important because we can use this data to see areas where the website can be improved to increase sales. This is especially important when products have companion products that are important for the customer to purchase together.

Page Speed Optimization

At Rogue Marketing we take great care to ensure that every website we build is fast and efficient. It is important to not waste your customers time waiting for the page to load, or the sale to complete. Things like this can quickly cost you the sale in our fast paced world. This is even more important if your customers tend to be on a cell phone, as phones typically don’t have as fast of internet as computers.