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Simple Security Plans For Everyone

Keep your website and business secure with Rogue Security. Security is included with every website we build and host.

Website Security

The most important lifeline for your website is Security! 
From bots to hackers your website is constantly under attack. 

Login Monitoring

Most websites have someone trying to hack them every day. This is most common by trying to log into the website as an Administrator. We monitor your website, and take measures against the hack attempts.

Ban The Hackers

With technology in our time it is not very hard to determine who is attempting to hack the website. We ban those hackers, and make sure to not let them try again.

Code Exploits

Proper coding of your website ensures that exploits are not available. Exploits are common ways for hackers to gain access to your website or the data within it. 

Daily Backups

We keep daily backups of each website that we host to ensure that if there is a compromise we can get your website back up and running quickly.