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How Did We Get Here?

Hi, my name is Peter. I first got started in Online Marketing as a teenager selling old computers and gadgets that were lying around my parent’s house. Dad split the money with me, so that was pretty nice. After I ran out of things around the house to sell, I found suppliers online, started ordering, and started my own E-commerce business. Getting those products in front of the best potential customers was key. This is not any different today 20 years later. The difference today is there are plenty of other professionals out there making the competition more difficult. Good thing I like a challenge.

I started Rogue Marketing with a dream to help businesses compete in this world of Google’s and Amazon’s. It seemed that there just wasn’t enough help out there for entrepreneurs to compete against the big guys. I sought out to prove that the little guy could do it. 7 years later, I am confident that we have one of the best websites around for the price. Having the right tools for your business is key. A carpenter without a hammer is not much of a carpenter.

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No matter what kind of online service you need, we are here to help. From hosting to full-blown management services we will help you find the plan that suits your goals and budget.

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We have technically focused
team members, front-end to back-end.

  • Peter Barrett

    I am what most people would call a Jack of all trades. The truth is I just like to solve problems. There are problems with everything. Your car breaks down, a house needs painting, the sink isn’t draining properly, a website is slow, employees didn’t show up for work, a website is down, the internet is down, and then my cellphone isn’t working. The reality is that disasters strike all the time, and when it comes to your website that sort of loss due to it “not working” is not acceptable. Isn’t working isn’t acceptable when it comes to SEO either. We track sales, completions, conversions, and leads. My specialty is to make you the most amount of money possible. You know your industry, and I know your Website and Online Presence. With collaboration, your goals online will be reached together with us at Rogue Marketing Pros.

  • Katelyn Mitchell

    Attention to detail is my key focus. Every client deserves a well organized and equipped team. Whether it is a small website development project or a large marketing project, ensuring that every detail is accounted for helps mitigate problems before they ever occur. Our marketing packages are a powerful way to keep in touch with your clientele and reach your business goals. Marketing your business can be a stressful task, let us help you! When it comes to website development creating an attractive and functional site is essential. Everything can look great but does it function well? Everything can function great but does it look good? We work with our client’s step by step to ensure their websites look good and function properly. I strive to provide every client with one of a kind service and the best customer experience possible.

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Trusted By Our Clients

  • "Peter at Rogue Marketing Pros provides great SEO to help you grow your ecommerce website! He is very knowledgable and skilled at what he does. Contact Peter to take your online business to the next level."
    Peter Hulce
  • "I highly recommend Peter and his team at Rogue Marketing Pros. They have helped set our new business up on Google maps and also implement a comprehensive SEO plan. They take the time to listen to what your goals are and then develop a strategy to meet those goals. The results from your marketing plan are analyzed so the plan can be targeted to where it’s most effective to get the best return on your marketing dollars. Call Peter!"
    Ben Pumpiner
  • "Peter is passionate about helping people get the best out of their website and web presence. They are great at google maps optimization!!"
    Megan Lebov
  • "Highly recommend Rogue Marketing, professional and affordable!"
    Juan Lopez
  • "Fantastic service, took care of all my questions and marketing needs."
    Hugo Sanchez
  • "Peter and his team are amazing! Their work speaks for itself. If you need help with your marketing or you need a new website make sure to get a quote from these guys!"
    Jay Toral
  • "If you are a business owner everyone is searching for your company with theirs phones. If you have a slow mobile sight or don’t have a sight at all contact rogue marketing pros. They will build a fast competitive sight and help grow your business!!"
    Lisa Petrini
  • "These guys are THE BEST at what they do! They're patient and really know their stuff and are full of good ideas! HIGHLY recommend :)"
    Rachel Cardinal
  • "I'm working with Rogue Marketing Pros for SEO and other online marketing. Peter Barrett is knowledgeable and honest, and takes the time to explain what he's doing. Unlike a lot of internet marketing businesses, he will also measure the results of what he does for you and you can schedule regular check-ins. Highly recommended for knowledge and integrity!"
    Robynne Whitaker
  • "Excellent SEO consultant! Peter and Katelyn really know their stuff, and take the time to walk you through what they're doing, why, and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommend!"
    Walter VanRooyen

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